Ready To Die

by Bonehead

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Guitar - Joey
Drums - Eppy
Bass - Crammy
Throat - Daniel


released August 3, 2017

Album Art - Ian Stein



all rights reserved


Bonehead Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Worth

You lookin for a safe place
Find safety in numbers
Cuz when it's you and its us
It's the prey and the hunters
It's survival of the fit
No place for weak minded
Who've never seen a struggle in their life

I am a product of what I've seen
Violence and death
Wrapped up in misery
I've watched blood spill
I've dodged bullets rain
So who the fuck is you to tell me how I should deal with my pain?

You Persecute me for the hands I've been dealt
You crucify me when you made me this hell
You think I need to prove to you I'm worth something?
What makes you so special, bitch?
We've all got it coming
Track Name: Burn
It always starts at the pit of my gut
It never wastes any time to spread
Eating at me like a violent cancer
Won't stop till I'm left praying for death

Won't let me eat
Won't let me sleep
Won't let me fucking breathe

I could run for an eternity
But I'd never be free

Of anxiety

Uncertainty becomes the loaded gun that I've held up against my head
Trigger happy, I'm just waiting to lose this game of Russian Roulette

In all these years I haven't gained an ounce of self respect
Got nothing but a handful of regrets
I see the scene everywhere where I turn
I sparked that flame
Now watch me burn

Somebody help me please
There's gotta be a place for someone like me
I'm down here on my knees
Praying to someone for some peace and sanity
Track Name: Price Of Life
This war isn't ours to fight
The men in suits send the working class to die
It's Our bloodshed
It's Our parents cries
It's Their wallets fed
And they've robbed us blind

We're nothing more than the pawns in their game
Control, conquest
They Rule us like kings

Well I'm no fucking peasant
I'm no fucking Slave
You may have me cornered
But I refuse to break

This is reality
A world consumed by corruption and inequality
These lie's that fill our lungs with smoke just like the air we breathe
Been screaming for a change
But this slate won't be wiped clean

The cost of freedom is a lie they've tried to hide
But every secret must cross from darkness to light

Death is the price of life
Track Name: Colorblind II
I've tried to hide the truth behind a dashiki
black, red, and green
Who's gonna liberate me
I won't pretend I wasn't stripped of my history
Or that you didn't cut down the branches from my family's tree

You stay preaching that you're colorblind
Like you ain't seen a difference between black and white
after all this time
You act that you got the right
To keep me from knowing
Who am I?

I wanna believe that we're kings and queens
Royalty shown no loyalty
But in reality we're nothing more than just targets to trigger fiends

Put a bullet in my back and y'all won't take the blame
My bloods just a trophy
to your sick, twisted game
trade in your guns for lynches
Leavin niggas in stitches
I can only pray I'm not next
on y'alls hit list

No justice, no peace

In this world I have to prove my worth
I'm More than a statistic
More than shots popped from glock fuckin bursts
I'm sick of screaming for change
I'm sick of dying in vain
I'm sick of talking, cuz words ain't done a fucking thing

Maybe my life has purpose
Or I was made for something bigger
Can only hope I'm destined for greatness
But I'll probably just end up another dead Nigga