Love Is Pain

by Bonehead

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Guitar - Joey
Drums - Eppy
Bass - Steve
Vocals - Daniel


released February 21, 2016

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jon Misich
Art by Ian Stein



all rights reserved


Bonehead Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Bonehead
You preach loyalty and it's got me confused
When it's your best friend you decided to use
like you've got something to prove
You run your mouth behind my back
Your words destroyed a brothers pact
A blood trust shattered and broke
And I just want to let it go
But I can't cuz I'm just a bonehead

You're just a lier, a cheat, a fuck up, a thief
I Never thought I'd see the day when you'd ever cross me
After you left me behind
To lay there and die
Something finally snapped in me
I've lost my mind

I used to know where the line was
I knew what it would cost to cross it
this time you pushed me this far
This time I think I've fucking lost it

What goes around comes back 100 fold
So Don't act surprised when life's got you by the fucking throat
Track Name: Sunrise
Lie to me I can't handle the truth
Love ain't worth shit
And I'm the living proof

Desperately hanging on
To what's already gone
Losing sleep over nothing
Up all night always wondering

Somebody tell me why

The person I knew is a distant thot
Now you're just a
parody of the one who broke you're heart

You're tearing me apart limb by limb
Separate the bone from skin
I think It's time to burn this bridge
So I don't ever cross it again

Pull me down pull me down with you
Can't break this addiction to you

Love is obsolete
Love leaves you incomplete
Love is pain
Track Name: Xanax
Blanket depression with recklessness
Drown in the booze to help you forget
You try to wash back your past
But you can't keep it down
And now you're spewing violent chunks
Of brown on the ground

You see yourself in the mess
Now suddenly you're powerless
Knees weak, can't think straight
You're minds a wreck

Now you reek of regret
Last nights Guilt stained on your breath
A Temporary escape
stop running away

Too proud to admit that you need help
Too scared to face the world all by yourself
I hold out my hand
But you're out of reach
I'll never understand
Why can't you just trust me?

you did this to yourself
I refuse to watch you die
Because you were too stubborn to take my help
Track Name: Fear
Startled wide awake it's eight am
not really sure what the fuck I'm hearing
it feels like an earthquake is breaking
And why's everybody screaming
Why's the house is shaking

I can't seem to escape the violence
fists fly along with accusations
now pops is walking away in cuffs
we're alone now, it's time that I stand tough

And I faintly remember
You raising your hand in anger
Then I so vividly recall the taste of the fucking floor

And the pain from the bruises and beatings
And the fear of when you'd snap next
It left me terrified of life
Because I knew I was walking on thin ice
Track Name: Serpent
I am weak, I am tired , and desperate
I try to find the end to this tunnel
But the darkness seems endless
I hang on to my last grip of faith
Not sure how much I can take
Before my body decides to break

I tried to make myself the man I thought you'd want me to be
I tried to shape (myself) into something you always wanted to see
I've done everything I can to try and make you proud
But it was all for shit and I've got nothing now

What is love? What is trust? And is it tied with blood?
You're in my veins
I've shed so much hoping you'd see me as enough
No longer will I beg
No longer will I plead
I will peel off the scabs from too much time on my knees
There's some things about you that I wish I didn't know
There's some lies about the past that you shouldn't have told
You're a liar, a poison, a venom,
A serpent
Our ties, your hold, are now forever broken.

Do You really think that these shackles just won't break?
I'll be damned if I stay bound by these chains.
These stripes you left on my heart they won't ever leave
But that doesn't mean that i will continue to sit here and let you control me.

You were always everywhere but there for me.